‘Natural: def: adv & n. 1a existing in or cause by nature; not artificial  b uncultivated; wild (existing in its natural state)’
‘Nostalgia: def: n 1 sentimental yearning for a period of the past.  2 wistful memory of an earlier time.’


As the name suggests, Natural Nostalgia has it’s themes based in the natural world and with an element of timelessness allows one to reflect back fondly on the memories that stay with us over the years.  It’s a creative seed that is rooted in organic trends and an increasing appreciation of rusted, worn, shabby-chic and much loved vintage items. It nurtures concepts of purity, originality, balance, beauty and perfection.

We aim to create perfectly orchestrated weddings and functions in beautiful natural spaces complemented by quaint vintage items that have been made with care and effort when once upon a time quality was all that mattered. Our decor for hire includes unique and beautiful items and our flowers are always of the best quality and used in distinct yet romantic and whimsical arrangements.


KIMBERLEY: Definition

Natural Nostalgia is the hobbyhorse of Kimberley and draws on her own personal appreciation of beautiful natural spaces and a special love for finding and collecting authentic vintage items. With the growing popularity in vintage-themed events and functions and a long-brewing desire to get back in touch with her creative inner-child she has finally headed out on her own. After a number of years in hospitality she has developed excellent planning and organization expertise with a natural affinity to working alongside people. Kimberley  now resides in the sleepy sunny town of Howick and visits family and friends in Morningside Durban most weekends.


VALUES: Definition

Natural Nostalgia is truly committed to providing excellently planned and expertly executed weddings and functions. Providing its clients with a friendly, relaxed and flexible approach we can assist with industry knowledge and know-how to help make planning your day that much easier. Plus on the day assistance allows you to really know that everything is being taken care of whilst you are busy looking glamorous. We do all the leg work for you and spend much of our time making contacts in the industry and researching the latest trends and movements in wedding and event styles across the world.

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